Teqis is a new racket sport played on the specially curved Teqball table. It can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).


The special rules, the court and the scoring system make teqis so unique. Teqis can be played indoor and outdoor as well, all you need is the equipment and a court measuring 12.8 meters long and 8.23 meters wide, the same size as the service boxes on a tennis court.


Teqis is easy to learn for everyone including wheelchair users, and after a few minutes of practice it is as enjoyable for beginners as for professionals.


The intention of the inventors of teqis is making this special sport available all over the world, and popular among every racket sports fan worldwide.


Main rules of teqis

Scoring system:

  • A Teqis match is won by winning one or more sets depending on the competition.
  • One set consists of two winning games.
  • One game is won when a player or team reaches 8 points.
  • A point is won when the opponent(s):
  •      1. fails to return the ball onto the table within 2 hits (singles) or 3 hits (doubles);
         2. lets the ball bounce twice on the table;
         3. hits the ball outside the court area;
         4. touches any part of the table.


The Service:

  • The server must stand behind the baseline and serve one point from the right-hand side and one point from the left.
  • Each player has two chances to execute a successful service.
  • The serve must bounce only once, anywhere on the opponent’s side of the table.
  • Serving alternates from one player/team to the opponent every 2 points.



  • The ball can be played in three different ways:
  •      1. volley - the player hits the ball before it bounces on the table.
         2. boardshot - the player hits the ball after it bounces on the table but not on the ground.
         3. groundstroke - the player hits the ball after it bounces on   the table and on the ground.
  • In singles, a player can return the ball in one shot or take two touches.
  • In doubles, both players in a team must hit the ball before returning it. The same player cannot take consecutive hits and the ball must be returned within 3 shots.
  • If the opponent lets the ball bounce on the ground, it must bounce inside the court area.
  • “Doublepoint”: Once per set, a player/team may declare a “doublepoint” before any serve provided they have no more than 5 points. If that player/team wins the point, they receive 2 points.

For more information,write us at: info@teqis.info


Let’s play!