We believe that sometimes less is more. Using the simplest idea of a curved table, we created a sport which can be played anytime and anywhere, indoor & outdoor, regardless of age and gender. Creators are often dreamers and we dream a future, in which teqball will be an Olympic Sport.

  • Gábor Borsányi - Co-Founder, Inventor

    Gábor is the creative force of the Teq Team. He is a former professional football player, who retired at a young age. Sport has always been his passion and he came up with the idea of teqball, the cleanest form of football.

  • György Gattyán - Co-Founder

    György is an international businessman, who is responsible for the Teq business strategy. He is the founder and owner of Docler Holding, but he is also known for being a producer and the benefactor of several charities. Today the group employs over 1500 people
    worldwide, with offices in Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Paris and Hungary as well. He recognized the value that a new sport could give to the world.

  • Viktor Huszár - Co-Founder

    Viktor is the scientific mind in the Teq team. He is a football loving computer scientist, who put the engineering resources behind the Teqball & Teqbox project. He is the president of the Football Club of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics.


Teqball is the world's fastest growing sport.