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Ronaldinho's Teqball challenge

Ronaldinho invites all comers to take him on at Teqball in this fun home video clip.

Hungarian Physical Education University

Hungarian Physical Education University has 2 tables: they use it during football trainings, football coach seminars as well, and they have a teqball club.

Handball team of Siófok KC

The Siofok KC handball squad honing their accuracy levels by playing 'Qatch' on their Teqball table.

Teqball charity at Tenke

Big sport, big heart! Teqball brings joy into the lives of many, many children by donating a table to a charity in Tenke!

Teqball visited Finland

Finnish boys and girls of all ages and abilities enjoying the multifunctionality and versatility of Teqball.

Teqball Mexico Gatorade

Lovely Teqball video by Gatorade in a beautiful stadium with some of Mexico's top players.

Olympique de Marseille

Great skill in the sun @ Olympique de Marseille. How they love their ''Teq''!


Flamengo FC express their gratitude for their Teqball table and believe their players should use it every day to develop their technical skills.

Teqball at the VOLT Festival

They like the colour 'white' at the Volt Festival, it seems. Splendid photos of the ''Teqers'' doing their thing.

Nice Fan Zone EURO 2016

Fans from all over Europe displaying their skills and enjoying Teqball in Nice, France at Euro 2016.

PSG - Paris Saint-Germain

Fantastic photo from a Teqball training day @ PSG

Croatian Football Federation has bought 20 tables

The Croatian Football Federation has just bought 20 Teqball tables and as this video shows, Teqball can be played anywhere, anyplace at anytime!